Richards Brandt Miller Nelson Joins the Local First Leaders Circle

A vibrant local economy is about more than retailers and restaurants. It’s also about the service-based businesses that keep our economy running at full speed. We’re happy to welcome Richards Brandt Miller Nelson, with their legal expertise and longstanding engagement in our local community, to the Local First Leaders Circle. We spoke with Barry Scholl, to learn more about Richards Brandt Miller Nelson, and why they support the Local First Movement.

Q: What is the story behind Richards Brandt Miller Nelson?

A: Richards Brandt Miller Nelson has been a premier Salt Lake City law firm for more than 30 years. Each of its practice areas is highly regarded, and our attorneys are recognized both locally and nationally for their commitment to the representation of our clients’ interests.

Q: How does your firm contribute to the vitality of our community?

A: The firm offers services in areas ranging from business and corporate governance to intellectual property to construction law to immigration law to non-profit law to labor and employment law, healthcare law and litigation. In all of its practice areas, Richards Brandt prides itself on providing excellent service to clients, regardless of their size. The firm also has the RBMN Foundation which supports many local charities and community causes.

Q: What are 2-3 of your favorite locally owned, independents businesses?

A: Personally, several of my favorite independent local businesses include Weller Book works and the King’s English Bookshop, Acoustic Music, and any number of restaurants, including, most recently, Frida Bistro; however, we’re fortunate to have so many excellent locally owned choices when it comes to shopping, dining, and other services.

Q: Why do you support the Local First movement?

A: Without a robust local business economy, a city can easily lose its unique character and become an “Anyplace, U.S.A.” Local businesses also contribute to the local economy by providing local jobs, fostering sustainable economic stability, and supporting educational advancement. The Local First movement is vital to Utah’s future, and helps shape our quality of life.

Join us in this powerful movement. Engage with Local First Utah by actively branding your business as locally owned. Create anEnhanced Listing, making use of the tools and resources Local First Utah provides. Or, help lead the movement by joining the Local First Leaders Circle. Each step we take, together, helps us create livable, thriving places to call home. If you’re interested in joining the Local First Leaders Circle, please contact Kristen Lavelett at .