Utah Trust and Estates

Our full-service dedicated estate planning law practice employs a full array of comprehensive estate planning legal instruments on behalf of our clients, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Utah Health Care Directive (medical power of attorney/living will)
  • Generation Skipping Trusts (GST)
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Dynasty Trusts
  • QTIP Trusts
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Living Trusts
  • Grantor Trusts
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • Planning Your Legacy

In all estate planning matters, our lawyers understand the importance of spending time listening to our clients to assess their goals and help them establish their legacy. We will take into account a wide variety of factors, including an inventory of all assets, business valuation, your needs while still living, and your specific intentions with regard to individual family members, including special circumstances such as:

  • Step-children and sons- or daughters-in-law
  • Children who have drug addictions or disabilities
  • Children who have already received a large part of what will or would be their future inheritance
  • Charity and gift planning

Trust/Probate Administration

We advise individuals, personal representatives and corporate trustees on issues arising in the administration of trust and/or will.  We also assist individual beneficiaries in helping them understand their rights as a beneficiary of a will and/or trust.  Our trusts and probate administration practice helps personal representative, individuals, and bank/trust departs with;

  • Appointment of personal representative
  • Division and distribution of assets
  • Valuation of assets
  • Litigation of disputes

Trust and Probate Litigation

In an ideal world, trust and will planning would allow trustees and personal representatives (executors) to carry out the desires of the decedent (including transfers of cash, real estate and investments, as well as business succession plans,) however that is not always possible.  Many people include charitable intentions when they draft wills and trusts and pass on specific assets to spouses, children, and other friends and family members.  The reality is disputes often arise when trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, and heirs are at odds over the disposition of an estate. It is not uncommon for this type of situation to develop when the second parent dies, and disagreements between children arise over the money and property left behind.  One party may allege that another had undue influence over the decedent or claim that a trustee or personal representative is abusing power or favoring another beneficiary. We have experience in these matters and can assist you in navigating these sensitive situations.


Here at Richards Brandt, we work with our clients on several types of guardianship matters.  Our attorneys advise clients on understanding the guardianship/conservatorship process.  Our process includes establishing guardianship and conservatorships for relatives and loved ones in need of supervised health and financial care.  By combining a skilled team of lawyers our attorneys evaluate the best legal approach to each guardianship and conservatorship matter.  We advise clients on defending or pursing guardianship matters with sensitivity and professionalism.

Asset Protection

The practice of asset protection involves preserving your individual wealth or the assets of your business by minimizing the risk that various creditors can find and take your hard earned assets. We work with our clients to create different types of wealth preservation strategies based upon their needs, protecting them, their families, and their businesses from financial crisis, catastrophic judgments and future creditors.  Without creating the right strategy and safeguards, years of your hard work and success can be at risk. Our lawyers are committed to protecting our clients, whether business or individuals, from potential financial crisis.


Whether a government regulator appoints a receiver, a privately appointed receiver is selected, or a court-appointed receiver is designated; they will have custodial responsibility for any property including tangible and intangible assets and rights. If you are appointed as the receiver, you may need legal counsel to help you navigate relevant laws and prepare documents. If someone else is appointed receiver, especially where your assets are in question, you should meet with an attorney to understand your rights and possible claims. Finally, if you require the services of an experienced receiver, contact us to arrange a receivership that meets your needs. We have successfully navigated receivership situations for decades.

Tax Considerations

Special tax considerations may apply for larger estates. Working with an experienced attorney is important for individuals and couples to understand how to work within the law to ensure the greatest possible percentage of the estate will be preserved for the family, for an ongoing business, or for designated charities.

A Full Range of Tax Matters

Richards Brandt’s taxation lawyers handle tax planning for new business start-ups and non-profit organizations including charitable and religious organizations. We represent clients in tax controversies involving liens and levies from the IRS, including appeals, collections, offers in compromise, audit reconsideration appeals, as well as bankruptcy strategies connected with tax controversies.

We assist in all areas of taxation and tax planning, including sales tax issues, property tax issues, tax planning for same-sex couples, and tax considerations after divorce, adoption, marriage or the birth of children. Our attorneys can advise you about a wide range of other business and personal tax and ownership options such as joint tenancy.



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