Successful and experienced personal injury and subrogation property loss attorneys, who know how to win both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ cases, have a unique advantage in representing clients who file a claim. Those attorneys know how and why cases settle quickly, and which cases must be tried. They know how to provide what the insurance company or claims evaluator needs at the beginning of the case, and how to present that information at the right time to create the best chance of an early settlement.

Personal Injury Legal Representation

At the law firm of Richards Brandt, we fully understand the strategies on both sides of personal injury claims. Our Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys are well positioned to advise and represent either side of a personal injury claim adeptly and aggressively. Whether you are a driver or passenger in a car accident, property owner, insurer, or truck driver, do not hesitate to contact us for skilled advocacy.

Our personal injury attorneys have an extensive portfolio of successfully securing settlements and results for injured parties, family members of fatal accident victims, and insurance companies. We have taken a tremendous number of personal injury cases to trial, and we know how to present complex evidence and compelling arguments to juries and judges in Utah state and federal courts, including appellate courts. That extensive trial experience provides the necessary foundation for producing the best possible settlements for our clients.

Lawyers of Richards Brandt represent individuals in personal injury cases involving serious and objective injuries, including wrongful death, spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia and paraplegia, brain injuries, high-loss property damage, and other catastrophic injuries.


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Subrogation is relevant in the insurance industry. Simply put, one person, the insurer, makes a payment on an obligation that is the primary responsibility of another party, the insured. An example might be, your toaster oven catches fire and burns your house or business down. The insurance company would make payments under the policy, but would ultimately recover the damages from the manufacturer of the toaster. Our attorneys represent the insurance carrier and the insured in this case.

Property Loss

Losing property is not only financially difficult but also has a personal impact. Personal and commercial property loss can be disruptive to your life and your business. You may be entitled to damages and loss of income, working with one of our experienced attorneys will provide the best outcome.

We can also assist you in interpreting your personal and commercial property insurance coverage before you have a claim, as well as work with your insurance company after you file a claim to recover the financial loss, replace the items and make you whole again.

Property loss sometimes results in insurance litigation. Working with trial attorneys is critical in finding the most favorable outcome in any litigation situation.

In the process of documenting lost or damaged items, identifying what repairs may be needed, securing estimates to repair or replace property, etc., you have to be careful about agreeing to settlements or cashing checks from your insurance carrier. Our attorneys can take you through this overwhelming process and provide you with the legal counsel you need to successfully recover from your loss.

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If you have been injured or if your business may be subject to liability in a personal injury lawsuit, contact Richards Brandt today to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. We are committed to representing clients in significant personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout the state of Utah.