We have a broad range of experience and knowledge that contributes to our firm’s success in state and federal appellate courts.

We utilize the combined expertise of our experienced trial and appellate counsel in order to best serve our clients during each phase of the legal process and to ensure that the client’s appeal is not compromised in court. In fact, our appellate lawyers often weigh in on the¬†implications of an appeal early on in a case, and our appellate counsel may monitor the trial for a possible appeal.

The appellate attorneys at Richards Brandt serve as valuable sources of information for our own clients, for sole practitioners who handle appeals only infrequently, and for other law firms seeking the fresh eye that appellate counsel provides.

We offer a broad range of services from evaluating the merits of an appeal or reviewing another lawyer’s appellate brief, to handling an appeal from start to finish. Refer to our reported cases and news and articles pages for examples of successful and pending appeals handled by Richards Brandt.

Contact an Appellate Attorney to Schedule a Consultation

Attorneys and individual clients are encouraged to call or e-mail Richards Brandt in Salt Lake City to arrange for a consultation with one of our lawyers. Our appellate litigation practice handles cases in state and federal trial and appellate courts nationwide.

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