Mediation crosses personal and professional paths. We have participated in resolving disputes as mediators in addition to representing a party or parties in a formal mediation for decades. Our attorneys handle issues such as business related disputes, legal rights, workplace complaints, as well as community and family matters.

Regardless of who helps the parties reach an agreement, mediation has a structure, a timetable and dynamics that “ordinary” negotiation lacks. Participation is typically voluntary, and the process is generally faster than litigation, it is non-binding, and is private and confidential.

When we represent our clients in mediation, we collaborate and drive the process to the best possible outcome for our client. As the designated mediator, we act as a neutral third party and facilitate rather than direct the process. Working with attorneys who have been successful in both roles is advantageous in any situation.

Use of a neutral expert in mediation has proven most cost-effective in resolving countless disputes. Regardless of the forum, the success of the dispute resolution process depends on the abilities of the neutral. Richards Brandt’s dispute resolution professionals have an established record as successful neutrals.  Each has decades of experience on every side of a wide variety of conflicts in their field of expertise.


Experienced lawyers know that litigation is but one available tool for resolving disputes. Arbitration is another increasingly used tool. Even when not required by contract, arbitration may be the best choice when neutral expertise is needed, or when other considerations such as privacy are paramount.

Arbitration is different than mediation in that both parties agree to resolve their dispute outside of court and agree to be bound by the Arbiter’s decision. The Arbiter, a neutral third party, reviews the evidence in the case and imposes a decision that is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts.

Non-binding arbitration is similar to mediation however here, the Arbiter remains totally removed from the settlement process and will provide only a determination of liability.


Richards Brandt has some of the most experienced trial attorneys in Utah. Our experience and record of success speaks for itself but our clients are our biggest supporters.

A key principle of the litigation practice at Richards Brandt is that we are always prepared to pursue or defend a claim at trial. That ability and willingness produces favorable settlements of the majority of our cases.

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