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The Work-product Doctrine: Application Generally

February, 2016 Introduction The work-product doctrine provides an attorney a certain level of autonomy regarding mental impressions, conclusions, opinions, and legal theories surrounding a case.  This article discusses the applicability of the work-product doctrine generally. Utah Work-product Generally The work-product doctrine is a judicially created doctrine now codified in Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(5). … Read more »

The Work-product Doctrine: Application to Documents Relied on and Prepared by Business Entities’ Internal Investigations

February 2016 Introduction As litigation becomes more complex and as businesses become more sophisticated, issues begin to arise as to what documents and materials are afforded protection. For example, in construction disputes, the issue of causation is typically complex. Parties often will hire third-party consultants or engage in their own internal investigation into the issues… Read more »