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Are “Deadbeat” Parents Getting a Fair Rap?

Heather Tanana January 2016 Society has labeled parents that do not pay court ordered child support as “deadbeats.” However, a study published in February 2015 ( looked into whether so-called “deadbeat dads” are in fact financially providing for their children in other ways. The researchers found that many disadvantaged noncustodial fathers spend an average of… Read more »

Inherited IRA’s Are Not Protected in Bankruptcy

bankruptcy inherited IRA

June 2014 On June 12, 2014, the United States Supreme Court ruled that an IRA inherited by an individual (other than a spouse) is subject to a debtor’s creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding. Clark v. Rameker, 573 U.S. 7th Circuit (2014).  In order to allow a debtor a fresh start, the bankruptcy code allows the debtor… Read more »

Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Estate Planning

September 2014 Estate planning is a process—not an event—often wrought with common and routine mistakes, the most common of which include the following: no planning at all; failure to coordinate insurance/retirement assets with an estate plan; adding individuals to bank accounts; transferring family home in joint tenancy with an adult child; and no planning for… Read more »

Same Sex Marriage – SCOTUS Watch is On

September 30, 2014 U.S. Supreme Court Justices began private meetings yesterday, September 29, 2014, and the Justices could decide whether to take up the issue of same sex marriage rulings from 4 federal appellate court decisions.  Currently, 36 states have laws allowing or prohibiting same sex marriage.  Same sex marriages are allowed in 19 states… Read more »